The Provincial Fabric House is a reputed name for upholstery suppliers in Australia. It’s your one-stop destination for high-quality upholstery fabric online. We are experts when it comes to upholstery fabrics. We deliver you the most delicate hand-picked fabrics from prestigious European mills at reasonable rates.

Established in 1994, Provincial Fabric House is located in the Southern Highlands of NSW. Our fabric shop supplies upholstery fabric online as well as offline throughout Australia. We have also built and spread our love for fabric on international grounds through fast and reliable shipping. We sell upholstery fabrics, but we provide knowledge about these fabrics to our users through our inspirational blog.

Our customers have always appreciated our exceptional holiday sales at our fabric shop. New fabric buyers can also receive complementary fabric swatches from our store.

So if you are looking to buy upholstery fabric in Australia, look no further, as you are in the perfect spot for all your upholstery fabrics. Please take a look at our extensive collection of designer fabrics today and buy the best from the best.

Collection of Upholstery Fabric

Vibrant colour palettes, delicate designs, soft shimmer from reputed fabric mills make our fabrics stand out from the rest. Brought to you on a platter is the beauty with variety.

Our offline fabrics warehouse is located at 2 Currockbilly Street, Welby, NSW, 2575, Australia. Shop our local store at your ease for those not accustomed to purchasing online.

Our online fabric shop collection provides you with a filtered search to zero in on your fabric choice. We offer you fabric according to :

  • Category
  • Colour
  • Suitability
  • Available stocks/ Quantity
  • Patterns
  • Price

We have a limited inventory of exclusive and elite designer fabrics. So if you happen to set your heart on any one fabric, purchase it today so that you do not have to settle in for a second choice.

Fabrics We Provide

where can i buy upholstery fabric in Australia

Belgian Linen

Belgian linen is premium linen harvested and processed into a finished product exclusively in Belgium in Northern Europe. Belgian craftsmen craft this luxurious, expensive high-end linen upholstery fabric to ensure you get the best quality linen.


Derived from a cotton seed pod, the most familiar day-to-day fabric comes in the choicest of patterns at our fabric shop. Breathable and affordable makes it a popular routine upholstery fabric. Cotton blends are also accessible in our collection to provide you with variety in routine upholstery fabric.


Linen is a natural and versatile fabric. It has a classic feel, soft and smooth touch that can brighten up every surrounding. Linen Fabrics are stiff and naturally thermoregulating. A property that reflects the heat makes it easy to deal with in summer. Choose linen as your summer upholstery fabric to let it energize your summer days.


Velvet is a luxe baby soft woven, tufted fabric. It has ultra-sheen and quirky smoothness for a piece of high-end upholstery fabric. Deck your room in the ultimate grandeur with this upholstery fabric.


Hemp is a sustainable and eco-friendly fabric. It only gets better with every wash, retains colour and is very breathable. The upholstery arena has never come across such a remarkable and highly sustainable product. Hemp is the most sustainable fabric of all time.


Wool is a favourite winter fabric. Its unique weave and thickness ensure you stay warm and cosy. When draped over your upholstery furniture, it is sure to make eyes turn with the deep richness it exudes. Australia is the top producer of quality Merino wool, and we bring you this finest quality at affordable prices.


The most luxurious and soft fabric of all time. Silk is shimmering, glossy and pleasing to the eyes. This fabric is known for its royal touch. Our silk collection has varied hues and inbuilt designs specially crafted to bewitch your eyes.


Rayon is a semi-synthetic fibre trending versatile and durable upholstery fabric. It has high wear-and-tear resistance. Rayon is cool, soft and smooth and commonly known as “Artificial Silk”.

Holiday Sale

Our fabric shop will never disappoint you as there is some Sale for every season and every reason. Please browse our site collection to acquaint yourself with all the fabrics you can explore this season. We have an Easter promo code with the help of which you can avail of the discount at our Easter Sale of upholstery fabrics. Christmas Sale in the winters will help you purchase goodies for all your DIY Xmas projects. Explore our designer fabrics and widen your horizon of exuberant upholstery fabrics.

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