Welcome to our guide on decorating with floral prints. Here you’ll find 10 ways you can design your home with colourful floral patterns.

Floral Pattern is an organic fabric print that has been in use for many years. Its traditional and feminine aura may tend to make your home look classically elegant. To help you use floral patterns in the most futuristic manner we have few ideas for you to consider. Think out of the box using evergreen florals to create a well designed interior home space.

So let’s take a look at how decorating with floral prints can revamp your home or office!

1. Set The Colour Scheme With The Floral Pattern In Mind

Any floral print upholstery fabric tends to comprise an amalgamation of varied hues and colours. You can use the floral patterned design to incorporate with other areas of your house. For example the colours of the walls, rug or other decors. Colour coordinating pulls all the elements in the room together to bring out a multifaceted yet uniform look.

2. Designer Furniture with a Modern Outlook

Bold floral patterned upholstery looks glamorous in monochromatic spaces. Dramatic floral prints elegantly grace dining chairs, sofas or ottomans and bring the room to life. A large floral print bedspread is an affordable way to instantly spice up your bedroom style. Décor pieces like headboards with floral designs are a fun twist. Floral fabric with the watercolour effect is a recent trendy option when decorating with floral prints to re-upholster old furniture to bring in the nostalgic but contemporary feel.

3. Bathroom Décor

Floral patterns can be easily used to brighten up a neutral bathroom. A bright bloomy floral curtain can be used to drape one of the walls to accentuate the space with simplicity or use floral wallpaper as a feature wall. A bathroom floral rug, colour-coordinated with the floral drape also highlights the bathroom décor.

Decorating With Floral Prints

4. Accentuated Outdoors and Windows

Florals on fabric blinds and curtain drapes bring a dramatic vision to window treatments. Floral window drapes pop out the colour in an otherwise dull and neutral coloured room. It is easy and affordable to re-furnish the room with vibrant floral drapes. Florals are not only used to accentuate interiors. Outdoor décor can also incorporate floral with ease. Small highlights like floral tablecloths, tea-towels, napkins bring freshness to the green outdoor environment when decorating with floral prints.

5. Neutral background Beautifully Highlights Floral Prints

If you feel floral prints are too overwhelming and can cluster space; try neutralising it by use of neutral colours in the background. An exuberant floral settee can be toned down by having monochromatic walls or neutral coloured non-patterned throw pillows. This will help the patterned settee to stand out on its own without competing with other prints or textures. White works perfect in such cases. It helps provide the bold floral statement furniture piece with its own breathing space.

Another trick is to make use of muted floral patterns. Muted florals have large flowers in dark shades. These flowers are widely spaced away from each other to exhibit more of the background colour. Background colour in muted florals needs to be softer and neutral so that it can easily mix with the remaining colours in the room.

6. Animal Prints & Leather

Animal prints are edgy but an all-rounder. You can adapt them to any theme without much difficulty. Pair an animal print upholstery fabric with florals prints to get an unexpected and eclectic feisty combo. It will entirely elevate the look and feel of the room.

Leather works the same way with florals as do animal prints. Leather tones down the floral-lit space giving it a base ground to pop out. It can easily team with floral prints in the same colour tone as its own giving a classy edge to the room.

Floral Print Design Ideas

7. Pair with Geometrics

Geometric prints lend a strong definition to the upholstery or space they adorn; while floral patterns are soft and abstract. Geometrics and florals are a classy amalgamation of strong masculine and subtle feminine elements respectively. When brought together in equal measure they complement each other to keep the space grounded. An orderly arrangement of floral fabric paintings also brings geometry into the picture lending a defining characteristic to the room.

8. Floral mania

Flowers set all around the space cannot be easily digested by the eyes. But when done with the expertise it can accentuate the space. Floral artwork teemed with a floral sofa and floral rugs in a neutral coloured minimalistic room is sure to set the simple space on vibrant fire. It is essential to keep the background neutral as it will pull the space together. For multiple floral upholstered pieces; vary the scale of the floral pattern: Large scale print along with small scale print. The use of floral accents and accessories can help you add more to the floral maniac space.

9. FloralSilhouettes

Excessive use of colourful floral patterns is not meant for everyone. For those who want to try florals without much stress: Opt for floral silhouette patterns. Flowers set in a black and white background with geometric accessories are an upcoming trend this season. Subtle incorporation of blooms in silhouette imparts a modern sleek look to the room

10. Embed in Black

This is yet another upholstery fashion fabric trend. Setting bright radiant deep flowers in the dark black background gives a masculine touch to the abstract pattern. Vibrant floral throw pillows on a black sofa settee are sure to create a focal point that attracts eyes.

Decorating With Floral Prints

When designing your space, decorating with floral prints is a great way to add colour and class. So, indulge in the floral hysteria with loads of floral upholstery fabric options at Provincial Fabric House and re-invent your home space with floral glamour!