As the temperature outside drops it is time to bring luxurious fabrics that bring in the warmth into your home and create an enticing lush living space. Additionally we can not forget about colours as well.

Warm colours have the ability to lift the level of cosiness in any room and can make you feel like you’re being greeted by a big, warm hug every time you enter the space. Warm colours typically consist of oranges, reds and yellows. But warm tones of blues and greens can give your room a snug feel, too.
A cozy colour also can be a neutral, such as chocolate brown, caramel, fawn, or charcoal.
Having plenty of candles around your home gives it a sense of warmth. Put a couple of candles in each room and people will feel a sense of comfort no matter where they are in your home.
Plus, your home will smell great , too.


Bringing warmth into your home can be done several ways, however, we are going to focus on how soft furnishings, curtains and blinds can bring warmth to your living space.


Warmth through Soft furnishings

Soft furnishings range from blankets, throws and cushions. In the cooler months there is nothing like snuggling on the lounge with a soft throw and some soft cushions.  

When considering what fabric to use for a throw in winter, we recommend wool, a wool/linen blend or a cotton flannelette. Some fabrics we have in stock such as Hampshire Belgian Linen/Wool are perfect for a throw. 

Another option is a brushed linen/cotton mixture which is a luxurious high pile linen/cotton fabric. Smooth and soft to touch like a luxe cotton velvet, but made from the weave of a linen. A truly luscious fabric that melts at the touch, as the name implies. Some of this fabric we have in stock such as Lava – Belgian Linen/Cotton, Hortensia Belgian Linen/Cotton or Charcoal – Belgian Linen/Cotton.

When considering cushions for your home, we find these to be the most versatile.  You can always swap your cushions for each season.  For the cooler months we prefer wool, wool/ linen blends and velvets.  Just like in clothing these fabrics help you retain your body heat.  Some fabrics we have in stock that are suitable for cushions are Gothic Gold Brocade 100% Wool  as well Cinnamon Brocade 100% Wool and also purchase some ready made French velvet cushions at our homewares store available soon. If you want that extra comfort we recommend feather/ down or duck down cushion inserts.


warmth wool
Gothic gold brocade wool


Warmth through Curtains & Blinds

During the cooler months you can feel the cold permeate through the windows.  Blinds and curtains are an amazing way to create insulation, warmth and retain heat in your home.

When considering what fabrics to use for blinds and curtains we always recommend speaking to your curtain maker.  The reason for this is not every fabric is suitable for blinds and curtains.  

Some fabrics we recommend for curtains in winter include velvets and wools.  Velvets and wools can come in a range of fabric weights/ thickness.  It is for this reason we recommend speaking to your curtain maker who can best advise which weight and/or thickness is suitable for your curtains hardware. The same principles apply when it comes to blinds.



flamingo velvet
flamingo velvet

Whilst speaking to your curtain maker we also suggest considering bumph and lining. can make the world of difference and sometimes add the extra insulation to your living space. To read more about curtains and suitable fabrics

And create a home that feels like a hug every time you walk in.

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