Transform your home into a majestic space with luxurious velvet fabric. This fabric is not only renewing fashion in apparel but also in upholstery fabrics. Incorporate this luxe material in your home décor to impress your guests with its charisma. You can play with its patterns, prints, textures, and colours, from stunning sizeable upholstered bedding sets to tiny bejewelled cushions.

Velvet originated from Venice, Florence, and Genoa have traditionally been recognised  as the most important Italian centres of high-quality production. Additionally this fabric originally was made from Silk. It became popular around the 13th century and gradually made its presence worldwide. 

Velvet is a woven, tufted fabric with evenly distributed cut threads. It is made from natural (silk, cotton, linen, wool) and synthetic (polyester, viscose, nylon, acetate) textile fibres. To make this material, two sheets of fabric are woven simultaneously on a double-action power loom with interlacing and connecting yarns to produce a soft upright piled fabric.

Before discovering power looms, this fabric production was a tedious process, and its use was restricted to the royal kingdoms. In the present day, it has become more affordable and is extensively used in upholstery.

7 Ways To Decorate With It

None can resist the glamour this palatial fabric brings home. This upholstery fabric is highly sturdy and durable. Its durability is dependent on the type of fibre material used and the pile density of the fabric. The shorter and denser the pile, the higher the strength of the resulting fabric.

Due to its durability and extraordinary sheen, velvet fabric can be put to multiple uses in upholstery fabric projects at home. Here’s a guide as to how to transform your simple home into a beautiful royal hub by upholstering your home furnishings with this fabric tonight.


Incorporate This type of fabric onto your chair to turn it into a fashion statement in your living room or study room. A plush velvet chair is sure to make your guests drool over the aura it creates. You can experiment with varying fabric textures to amp the chair’s look. A luxe plain, patterned or an animal print can bring loads of drama to a subtle minimalistic room.


An opulent velvet settee in vibrant deep colours can instantly brighten up a room with lightly toned walls.   Sofas in this opulent fabric are incredible statement pieces that add a sophisticated ambience to your home. They can never go out of style. They form the ultimate vintage collection in an upholstery fabric shop.

Velvet sofas: 7 of the latest looks - The English Home


For those new to this type of fabric and who wish to experiment, an investment in cushions is the perfect way to begin. Furthermore, cushions  are small affordable and easy to decorate. Mix and match multiple hues and textures of velvet to invent the most stunning cushions that can spice up any sofa or bed as an accessory.


A jazzy headboard takes your bed to the next level. Velvet headboards are in vogue and provide a new arena for upholstery fabric. Adorn the headboard with  this beautiful upholstery fabric to add elegance and warmth to a cozy sleeping beauty.


Discover tons of luxury, comfort, and mellowness with a velvet bedding ensemble. The plush fabric bedding is the perfect tool for sound night sleep in the chilling winters. After a hard day’s work, lie down on this rich fabric and get lost in its ultra-softness and inviting warmth.


Velvet has excellent shimmer and drape. This fabric can be used easily as draperies and curtains for window treatments. They are popularly used as drapes in stage shows and dramas. When used in home furnishing drapes, they bring a finishing touch to the room.


Blankets in this fabric are an even more extravagant accessory to a royal bed. Velvet on the skin is soft, warm and comforting. These blankets are sure to keep you glued to the bed all day and night. Decorate your bed with a blanket in exciting deep colours to ensure you have a luxurious sleep throughout your life.

Velvet comes up with Variety.

Velvet is a woven fabric that can process from any fibre. Due to this unique feature, this fabric is available in several varieties giving you endless opportunities to explore. A beautiful upholstery fabric with exceptional versatility. Scroll below to acquaint yourself with the diverse types of this fabrics:


The premium type of velvet is fabricated exclusively from silk.

This luxurious fabric is commonly woven as double cloth and then cut apart to produce two pile fabrics. The most expensive type is silk velvet, originally reserved for royalty.
It is incredibly soft to touch and has a luxurious feel. It is popularly acknowledged as the velvet with the “Wet Look.” It is the ultimate ultra-soft and ultra-glamorous silk sold at an excessive rate.


Is famously known as the “Imitation velvet.” It is an affordable fabric that is synthesised from cotton fibres. It has a short and sloppy pile that is carefully set. This fabric has a low sheen and does not drape easily. It cannot use in demanding home upholstery projects. As a result, this fabric is ideal for those who want to experiment with this type of fabric, as this material is excellent for low-budget users.

Embossed Velvet

Embossed is a printed fabric created via a heat stamp, which is used to apply pressure to velvet, pushing down the piles to create a pattern. This amazing fabric is popular in upholstery fabric materials, which are used in home decor and design.

Linen Velvet

This fabrics often have a stripe (subtle, irregular striping) because linen yarns tend to have different thicknesses. Its pile is usually shorter than that of other velvets, and it’s prone to bruising or crushing.


This fabric is made from the hair of Angora goats. It is a thick and durable fabric perfect for upholstery projects and window treatments. It provides a subtle sheen to modern interiors which demand simplicity.


This type of fabric is manufactured by pressing the velvet fabric down in different directions or by manually twisting the velvet fabric when wet. A Crushed velvet creates a magnificent patterned appearance that gives it that distinct crushed look. As a result, it is the best lustrous fabric material to create stunning dream upholstery projects.

Upholstery velvet is mainly available in the varieties mentioned above. If you want to explore more of this material, below are a few options for you to research upon:

  • Devore 
  • Pile on pile
  • Voided
  • Chiffon and many more

How To Care For Your Velvet

Regular vacuuming is sure to keep dirt and dust away from the fabric.

Dry cleaning is also a good option. In case of a spill/stain, clean the spill as soon as possible. Use a blotting paper or absorbent cloth to absorb the spill. Never rub the stain. Baking soda and lemon juice mixture can easily tackle spills. And finally, to restore velvet sheen, you can use a steamer.

Decorating Your Home With This Amazing Fabric

Change your living room in deep rich, colourful exorbitant velvet upholstery fabric for a royal look and luxurious appeal.

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