Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions at Provincial Fabric House

Here you’ll find some FAQs that may assist you in your choice of fabric, or bring you comfort in your decisions. If you have any other questions feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help with anything you may need.

Question What should I look for when buying upholstery fabric?
AnswerWhen looking at buying fabrics for upholstery please keep in mind that woven fabrics tend to last longer than prints. Also fabrics with tighter weaves are more durable.
Question What are good quality fabrics?
AnswerWhen looking for good quality fabrics it’s important to know the origin of the material. We stock a wide range of quality fabrics directly from our mills, including: Silk, Linen, Wool and most importantly Belgian Linen. All of which you’ll find have no compromises in quality, and are appropriate for a range of suitabilities.
Question What fabric should be used for curtains?
AnswerDepending on the style you wish to achieve, we believe that the best fabric for curtains is Belgian Linen which leaves a relaxing finish. However if you’re looking for something a little different there are a variety of Cotton Blends that would make perfect curtains. Additionally you’ll find that Linen, Silk, and Chintz fabrics are some of the best choices for window treatment as they tend to hang the best.
Question What are soft furnishings?
AnswerOn our website we mention the term “soft furnishings” many times. This refers to a number of things including; Cushions, Bedheads, Curtains, Blinds, Bedroom Chairs, And anything else that is made up of soft material.
Question What is the ``Masters of Linen``
AnswerThe “Masters of Linen” are a European regulatory body which represent the excellence of linen. This registered mark identifies fabrics that have been certified and meet a quality standard. By achieving this mark, it identifies that the fabric was 100% made in Europe, The mills in which it was weaved ensure sustainable production and respect the environment. The mills ensure a low carbon footprint and the material is produced with exceptional, age-old European skills and knowledge. You’ll find this certification logo on all of our Belgian Linens that we sell at Provincial Fabric House. If you wish to read more on this we also have a blog which explains this in further detail.