How well do you know Belgian Linen? So you’ve heard a lot of good things about this fabric. If you’ve heard people tell you about it, then it must be doing something right. 

However, you are not satisfied with word of mouth recommendations and want to dig deeper before you invest your hard earned money on purchasing Belgian linen fabric for upholstery online.

Don’t worry because you have landed at the right post! This post is composed with the intention of providing useful information about all things Belgian linen fabric. So, fasten your seat belts and here we go

What Is Belgian Linen Fabric?

That’s a common question that springs up in the minds of those who are interested in purchasing this type of fabric. To put it in simple words, Belgian linen is a multi-purpose, luxurious fabric that is rated highly for its aesthetic appeal.

This fabric is crafted out of sustainable and durable fibres of the best quality European flax plants. The fabric offers great durability and versatility. As with all natural materials, the Belgian linen fabric gets even better with time and gets more soft.

Belgian linen upholstery fabric is one of the preferred choices for home decor furnishing because of the unparalleled comfort it offers. The fabric is breathable and offers a good resistance against varied weather conditions, hence making it suitable for use indoors or outdoors.

What Can Be Made Out Of Belgian Linen Fabric? 

This type of fabric is used to make a number of things like bed linen, tablecloths, upholstery, soft furnishings and curtains. It is also used for crafting different types of garment as well as for making a firm sewing thread. This fabric is available in different finishes and can lend a unique appeal to your home’s indoor and outdoor decor.

Belgian linen fabric is naturally grey or beige and you can give it the finish of you choice through colour dyeing. Also, the appearance of woven linen can be altered by the weave that is used.

Weaves can give this fabric a dense or light look, and it can be combined with other fabrics and colours to impart a visually appealing effect. Even though it’s widely popular and is known as Belgian linen, the fact is that the term is used for linen that is grown and woven in Europe, and not necessarily Belgium.

What Makes Belgian Linen Superior?

Why do so many people buy Belgian linen fabric online? and Why does it continue to reign supreme amongst all other linen fabrics even to this date?

The answer to aforementioned questions is not hard to find actually.

To begin with, genuine Belgian Linen is the finest of all the linen fabrics produced mainly due to the traditional craftsmanship and the superior quality of flax that is cultivated and grown in the optimal European climate.

The climate of Belgium, France and the Netherlands regions is considered as ideal for growing flax, which is a sustainable fibre that can be grown without resorting to irrigation, GMOs or fertilisers.

Do you know that the organic fibres are up to three times stronger than regular cotton? Belgian linen fabric is also naturally thicker than cotton and is highly resistant to friction.

100% natural Belgian linen has unique qualities like breathability, long-lasting, high absorbency, and allergen-free. Unlike many other fabrics, this strong linen doesn’t break down even after daily washing

What Separates Belgian Linen And Belgian Flax Linen?

Many people mistake both these fabrics as one and the same, which is not true. Belgian Flax Linen or European Flax Linen is considered inferior because it is made from European-grown flax that is imported and woven in India or China.

On the other hand, “Belgian linen” refers to a textile grown and made 100% in Belgium i.e. from flax to finished product. There’s an obvious difference in the quality and durability, and it also reflects in the pricing of both.

What Are A Few Vital Things To Consider When Buying Belgian Linen Fabric

These are times when Covid-19 has made us stay in our homes and avoid going out unnecessarily. So it’s natural that most of us would prefer to purchase Belgian linen fabric online rather than risking the infection.

However, given below are some vital things to consider before you order one for your
table, bed, sofa, etc. What are these factors? Read on to know more about.

● Only buy Belgian linen from a reputable online store that enjoys good customer ratings on Google reviews
● Keep a close eye on a “Masters of Linen” seal on the tag, which indicates that the Masters of Linen Club (a European association) has monitored the production and quality
● Be wary of terms like “woven from Belgian linen,” and make sure that what you’re getting is 100 percent linen
● The European Flax Linen Association still monitors the quality of Belgian flax linen, so there are good chances that you’ll get a fairly quality product
● Carefully read the “Returns and Exchange” policy
● Compare prices with different online stores to check who gives you a good deal
● Do not forget to check shipping prices and whether the order is delivered to your location or not

Once you know how to identify the best quality Belgian linen fabric, you’ll find it easy to choose the online seller selling such types of fabric at reasonable prices. Belgian linen is the best you can buy today to accentuate your home’s indoor and outdoor finishing.

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