No matter how much you decorate any room in the house, it will always look a bit bare without curtains. 

When it comes to selecting curtains for the house, people tend to focus on the patterns and designs. While it is crucial that the curtain matches the rest of the decor, buying the correct fabric is just as important. 

Choosing suitable fabric is essential for maintenance as well. While there are some very beautiful-looking fabrics like velvet, it can get a bit harder to clean at home. Plus, dry cleaning is not an affordable luxury for anyone who wants to get them cleaned. 

This is why we have put together this short guide in the hope that it helps you select the suitable fabric for your home.

Things To Consider

Before listing fabrics, let’s go over the crucial aspects while buying curtains. As we mentioned before, picking the suitable material is essential, but there are many points to keep in mind that make maintenance easier.

1. Customisation

The first thing that must be considered is whether the curtains need to be customised based on the room. Now, people usually have two options – buy them off the shelf or pay a bit more for customised ones. 

If you have odd-shaped windows or a particular design in mind, you need to ensure you can alter the curtains to your taste. Otherwise, curtains off the shelf are just as good and can blend beautifully with the room (when selected carefully).

2. Washing Convenience 

The next thing to consider is how it has to be washed. Not everyone can dry clean their curtains, so you must pick a machine washing -friendly fabric. It is essential to remember that while high-end curtains are excellent, but improper washing practices can spoil them. But either way they can be clean

3. Length And Size 

While this aspect is quite personal, it depends on the final look. For example, if the idea is to give a dramatic look, start the curtains eight to ten inches above a window. And for a more traditional look, it is best to let the curtains puddle on the floor.

Choosing The Right Fabric 

Picking the suitable fabric will make the curtains look good and make them long-lasting. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular curtain materials on the market:

1. Wool

If you live in a little cold place, wool can be an excellent choice as a curtain fabric. Since the material is usually a little thick, it is opaque and keeps the room warm by trapping the heat.

best material for curtains

2. Cotton

Working in the exact opposite way to wool are cotton fabrics that keep the room open and light. This is the ideal material for people who want a more traditional look to the room and prefer keeping it airy.

best materials for curtains

3. Linen

We suggest using linen for natural light lovers as it looks good and does not block the natural light from entering the room. It can be used in any room, including the home office, bedroom, and living room.

4. Chenille

Another attractive fabric that has gained traction is Chenille. It is a heavy blended fabric made of wool, cotton and silk. Considering that it is woven and often adds a luxurious feel to the room, use this fabric in less decorated rooms to focus on the curtains. 

Let’s Get To Making Your Curtains

On that note, we finally come to the end of this short guide on the best material for curtains. We hope this has been informative enough to provide direction regarding the matter.

While we have mentioned a few fabrics, tons of other materials can help recreate any look you have in mind. Just make sure it goes well with the rest of the room and that you have what is needed to maintain it. Contact our friendly team for any advice on curtains or assistance purchasing the suitable fabric! We have extensive knowledge of our products and their applications.

It’s time for us to sign off now. See you soon with many more informative guides!