Summers can be scorching, and you will constantly be sweating without the right clothes. That is where we come in. 

We have been looking at different fabric types to find the ones that will work best for summer. The fabrics need to be light and breathable to do not sweat continuously. Also, it has to be absorbent enough to hold all the sweat. Breezy fabrics are great in summers as they allow air to pass in and out quickly. 

This guide will talk about the best fabrics available on the market to make dresses and masks in summer. They are pretty easy to find and can be stitched in any way

So grab your favourite cold beverage and dive in! 

Best Fabrics For Summer

1. Linen

Linen is the perfect choice for summers as it is one of the most comfortable fabrics. It is made from flax plant stalks, and you will be happy to see how well it can absorb moisture. You can use this to make face masks for daily use. 

Now people who have to go to the office daily in the summer heat may be sweating a lot. Linen will be able to keep you dry throughout the day. It also does not impact the environment too much, making it a great choice.

best fabrics for summer

2. Cotton

Cotton is the most popular lightweight fabric by far and has been the perfect option for summers for ages. It is breathable and will provide you with all the comfort needed. Whenever you feel that you’re going to sweat a lot, wear a cotton dress. Half of all the fabric produced in the world is Cotton, and for a good reason. Suitable for all climates, the breathability of Cotton makes it especially useful when it is hot. in both wet and dry heat. 

best fabrics for summer

3. Viscose/Rayon

Next is a synthetic fabric made from cotton, wood pulp, and other additions. It can be an excellent option for summer parties where you want to wear something gorgeous. And the best part is that it is cheap while providing a luxurious look. 

Bright coloured viscose or rayon cloth is often used to make drapes and dresses. It can be used as an alternative to silk and look very elegant. 

However, please remember that viscose or rayon may need to be washed with cold water by hand. This is because the fabric can become weak when wet and washing machines may not be a good choice. 

4. Silk

Silk is an expensive fabric, and is a timeless trendy natural fabric woven from the cocoons of silkworms. In  addition,  it has excellent antibacterial benefits. Plus, you can enjoy good breathability as the material will allow your body to breathe. However, make sure that you do not get stains on the cloth as it might be challenging to remove them if so you can try to hand wash

We recommend using silk to make unique dresses for when it comes to evening gowns, think dreamy, elegant, almost goddess occasions in the summer. The visual splendour of different silk fabrics inspires millions of creative sewing lovers.

Choosing Your Summer Fabric

Now that you know all about the top kinds of fabric for summer, you should have no issues with making dresses and masks. However, we advise you to make cotton dresses slightly more prominent as they might shrink after a few washes. 

It is advisable not to wash linen too often as the dress may become loose. Make sure you keep this in mind, and your wardrobe will look fantastic before summer arrives.

If you want tips or advice on choosing the best fabric for summer clothing, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Good luck!