Are you looking to buy fabric for your curtains, but you are unsure how to calculate the measurements? Depending on the material used, you can use several different formulas to measure fabric for curtains. It is important to always leave enough fabric for seams, heading, or other design requirements.

How Much Fabric Do You Need?

When installing new window furnishings, there is a general rule of thumb when calculating curtain fabric quantity. This is to allow one drop per 60cm width of the window. Therefore, a window of 2400mm would need four drops off the fabric.

This works on the fabric around 140cm wide, the most common width. A wider material would need fewer drops. Once you have calculated the depths, you can measure the cut lengths. However, if you are using plain fabric, it would be the same height plus 35cm for heading and hems. A finished size of 2400mm would need a cut length of 2750mm.

As a result, the fabric you need for a window of 2400mm wide by 2400cm high would need four drops of 2750mm, which works out to be 11 meters.

Measuring Fabric For Your Curtains

Redesigning your home with new curtains is a great way to change the design and feel.

We understand that calculating fabric length is somewhat tricky until you get the hang of it. If you do not know how many meters you need, we have a customer service team who can assist you. It would help if you also spoke with your curtain maker about the measurements needed for your new curtains. Our staff can only give you an estimate from the information received.

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