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  • Dublin – 100% Belgian Linen

    Dublin – 100% Belgian Linen is a soft, dark grey linen. This beautiful linen is rich and luxe. This rich, solid colour makes for a perfect partner when it comes pairing with other fabrics. When creating a distinctive look, for instance, this linen can ideally be used for sofas, bedheads, dining or lounge chairs and wing back chairs in regards to designing or decorating. Most importantly, its ability to bring a bold yet versatile look to any space, this neutral linen can also be paired with just about anything. Above all, this Dublin Belgian Linen is confident and is perfect as a feature piece within a room. This linen is part of our Belgian Linen Collection.

    This fabric is available in two rolls of the same dye lot – 12 meter roll and 22 meter roll

    Width: 140cm
    Suitability: Upholstery, Curtains, Soft Furnishings
    Pattern: Plain
    Colour: Grey
    Material: Belgian Linen

    $66.00 /MTR
    $66.00 /MTR
  • Charcoal Streaks – Linen Polyester

    Charcoal Streaks – Linen Polyester is an intricate linen and polyester mix. This compilation of grey, brown, beige and charcoal fabric mimics the colour complexity and seamless streaks seen in wolf fur. Shades of lightness and darkness with a delicate sheen from the polyester, this is quite a contemporary looking linen. This fabric is full in character and speaks for itself. This fabric can easily be used as a statement piece or to be scattered throughout a space to really transform a room. Additionally, this fabric is perfect for a number of uses. This includes being perfect for upholstery, cushions, bedheads, other soft furnishings and more!

    This fabric is available on 1 roll.

    Width: 140cm
    Suitability: Upholstery, Soft Furnishings
    Pattern: Stripe
    Colour: Grey, brown, beige
    Material: Linen Polyester

    $42.90 /MTR
    $42.90 /MTR