This luxurious fabric blend is perfect for those who want the best of both worlds! The cotton lends softness and smoothness, while the linen provides a sophisticated rustle and drape. It’s ideal for clothing, bedding, or any other project that requires a touch of luxury.

A linen and cotton fabric blend is the perfect combination. The compatible blend provides the advantages of both linen and cotton with added strength and durability. The fabric’s enhanced quality means it is more resistant to wrinkles and creases, plus it retains more heat than linen fabrics. This makes it a more popular choice for cooler climates.

We have a large selection of cotton/linen fabric blends suitable for several creations, including upholstery, soft furnishings, curtains and apparel.

Shop with The Provincial Fabric House for the best range of materials and upholstery in Australia online! Our shipping fee is $35 for all orders within Australia. We also accept orders from international customers, and shipping will be calculated at checkout. So, shop with us!

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