Looking for a fabric that’s as tough as nails and as lustrous as silk? Horsehair fabric is a perfect choice. This durable, carefree fabric is perfect for upholstery and other interiors. With its luxurious sheen, horsehair adds a touch of elegance to any space.

The combination of luxury and function is achieved by horsehair fabrics. Traditionally, people used this horsehair fabric in the 19th Century for furniture; however, it is now being used for upholstery, soft furnishings, handbags, clothing and other apparel and accessories.

Horsehair fabric comprises a cotton and silk blend and horsehair sourced from the tail. The wave typically stands 60-70 cm in width. As a result of its unique composition, the fabric is solid and robust.

The Provincial Fabric Store offers affordable prices the highest quality upholstery and fabric. Our shipping fee is $35 for all orders within Australia. We also accept orders from international customers, and shipping will be calculated at checkout.

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