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  • Worn Mauve – Brushed Linen/Cotton

    Whilst both reveal a strength, Worn Mauve Brushed Linen is as soft to touch as it is soft to look at. A soft raised texture characteristic of brushed linen is consequently formed from a fibre blend of 70% Linen and 30% Cotton. In addition, the brushed cotton effect comes to the fabric through rustic slubs and irregularities. That are characteristic of linen, but soft like a cotton. This soft finish is furthermore complimented by the delicate mauve purple, creating a chic but warm fabric ideal. As a result of the combination of fibres and quality of tone, Mauve Brushed Linen would be ideal for upholstery and soft furnishings, think eclectic sofas, stylish throw cushions and more. Look into our Belgian Linens collection to find more quality linens.

    It is available on one roll.

    Width: 135cm
    Suitability: Upholstery, Soft Furnishings
    Pattern: Plain
    Colour: Purple/Mauve
    Material: Linen/Cotton

    $57.00 /MTR
    $57.00 /MTR
  • Biscuit Sheen – Polyester

    Biscuit Sheen – Polyester is a delicate fabric that speaks for itself! This fabric is warm and full of character. Additionally, this fabric has the ability to truely transform a space if you let it! This lightweight fabric is delicate polyester giving it a lovely gentle touch and elegant sheen. This fabric can be used as a standalone statement piece or scattered throughout a space. The warm beige of biscuit has a delicate striped weave that comes to life in the light. As a result of this, this fabric is perfect to be used for beautiful flowing curtains. It can also be used to create some elegant soft furnishings.

    This fabric is available on 1 roll.

    Width: 140cm
    Suitability: Curtains, Soft Furnishings
    Pattern: Plain
    Colour: Beige
    Material: Polyester

    $38.40 /MTR
    $38.40 /MTR