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This is Why European Linen Fabric is the Best in the World

There is a fundamental reason why we exclusively sell linen fabrics produced in Europe. This blog post will discuss the source of linen fabric in detail, mainly why European Linen is so extraordinary.

Our Best Fabrics


Oat Biscuit – Belgian Linen

Oat Biscuit – Belgian Linen is a beautiful neutral/beige fabric with a medium weave. Very similar to Oatmeal 100% Belgian linen, this fabric has a medium weave compared to the close weave of Oatmeal. In addition to this, this fabric has a slightly darker oatmeal beige colour than Oatmeal 100% Belgian Linen, which has lighter properties.

Oatmeal - Belgian Linen

Oatmeal – Belgian Linen

Oatmeal – Belgian Linen is a beautiful fabric with a soft ant tight weave. Part of the Belgian Linens collection, this vogue linen ticks all the boxes neutral in tone colouring. In other words, brings a lighter tone to any styling. In addition, this fabric brings you a cool tone into your space. Being a neutral colour can easily be integrated into a room with a pre-existing colour palette.

fine white belgian linen

Fine White – Belgian Linen

Fine White – Belgian Linen nothing quite beats a crisp white or a stunning linen, and with this beautiful fabric you can enjoy them both. This linen is a part of our Belgian Linen Collection. This European light-weight weave is uncompromising in quality, adding a refined elegance into any style. And as a result use the chic weightlessness of this fabric to create elegant drapes and textures throughout your interiors.


About Us

Carlos Rodrigues established provincial Upholstery in 1994. Carlos is known for his craftsmanship and expertise in traditional artisan upholstery. Over the years, his knowledge and passion for the craft and Fernanda Rodrigues’ expertise in fabrics and design have merged to create Provincial Fabric House. Both now travel internationally to source a select range of beautifully crafted fabrics for upholstery and furnishing for their fabric store.

Provincial Fabric House is located in the Southern Highlands of NSW. We have more than 350 designer fabrics on offer in-store and online. We ship Australia-wide and internationally.

Best Fabric For Scrunchies

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror before a party and wondered whether something was missing? You have picked out a dress, the shoes are ready, makeup done, but you’re unsure how to tie the hair. For situations just like this, you can choose to use scrunchies as they help manage your locks without compromising on glamour. Plus, they are a better option for keeping your hair healthy and untangled.

With that, it’s a wrap on the best fabrics for scrunchies; hopefully, you have all the information to purchase a suitable product.

Hair type plays a crucial role in choosing a scrunchy because it might prove uncomfortable if the material is too light or heavy. So, make sure you take time before purchasing one to style your hair for any occasion. In addition, you can be more adventurous and make your one.

Let’s look at the best fabrics for scrunchies to help you.


Types of Fabrics