Ever wanted a DIY Bolster Pillow from Old Towels? Well look no further. 
Times change and so do people. Trends change, then why not your Home Décor?
It’s time to upgrade your home space with the addition of a funky traditional Bolster Pillow in a DIY style to garner the attention of changing people in modern times.
Bolster pillow is basically a long and narrow pillow or cushion that is filled with stuffing made from cotton, down or fibre. It has been in use as arm support on a luxurious sofa; or as a backrest on a mighty rocking chair. Nowadays it occupies the bedroom space too and has become an eye-catching decorative home furnishing artefact. You can always change the Bolster pillowcase to match your seasonal décor and add drama to the mundane home space. Not only is it versatile but it brings comfort and pain relief to its users.
Towels are routine beach & bathroom accessories every house makes use of. Today we will show you how to construct an inexpensive Bolster pillow using old towels in your house. This is a DIY project that can be done in no time.

Steps to a DIY Bolster Pillow:

Step 1:  Gather old Towels

Bring out all the tattered towels you have been secretly hoarding since months. Stack one towel over the other. Roll up the towels tightly as if you are packing a sleeping bag. Secure the rolled up stack with the help of Rubber bands.

If you want to make a wider bolster pillow stack in more towels as needed. For a normal sized bolster pillow insert use of one or two thick towels is more than enough.

Step 2:  Fish out a flat worn out pillow

Make use of an old flat pillow to encircle the towel roll. Use rubber bands to secure the pillow.

Step 3:  Create and Stabilize the bolster pillow insert

Use a large sewing needle and thick quilting thread to hand stitch the pillow firmly. You can also make use of a dacron sheet to wrap the entire pile and spray it shut with fabric adhesive.

Lo and behold…Your Bolster pillow Insert is fully stabilized and ready to use.

DIY Bolster Pillow from Old Towels, DIY Bolster Pillow from Old Towels

Step 4:  Select an upholstery fabric for the Bolster Pillow Cover

Decide upon an upholstery fabric you are in love with, to use, for your DIY bolster pillow project. Take care that the pillow cover fabric matches the furniture fabric you are going to place it on and other decorative elements in the room.

Step 5:  Wrap the homemade bolster pillow insert

Lay the selected upholstery fabric on a flat surface with the inner side facing you. Place the towel-made bolster pillow insert at the centre, taking care there is enough free material at the sides of the pillow. Wrap the fabric material around the pillow insert like a sausage, the same way you wrapped the towels.

Use enough fabric to wrap around the insert several times so that the lumps are not noticeable

Step 6:  Secure the free ends of the bolster pillow cover. Melt the edges.

Grab the excess and secure the ends of the pillow cover on both sides with a couple of rubber bands. Lightly crop the overlapping edges of the fabric at the ends with a scissor. Make use of a lighter to soften the cut edges of the fabric. This should be done quickly without letting the flame stay longer otherwise it may burn the fabric. Just crimp the fabric fibres so that they do not fray on use.

Step 7:  Use fancy ribbons for coverage

The ends of the pillow cover that have been secured with rubber bands should be concealed by the use of wide decorative ribbons to tie the ends.

DIY Bolster Pillow from Old Towels, DIY Bolster Pillow from Old Towels    DIY Bolster Pillow from Old Towels, DIY Bolster Pillow from Old Towels

Your dream DIY Bolster Pillow has finally been fabricated!


The steps mentioned above are a no-sew method to create a bolster pillow. This is the best method for beginners and for those who are not accustomed to sewing machines.

DIY Bolster Pillow from Old Towels, DIY Bolster Pillow from Old Towels    DIY Bolster Pillow from Old Towels, DIY Bolster Pillow from Old Towels

If you want a machine sewed bolster pillow cover, then:

  • You need to cut the upholstery fabric into three main parts
    1. rectangular main body fabric cut
    2. circular end circle fabric cuts

    The measurement of the main body fabric cut depends upon the circumference and length of the bolster pillow. The end circle fabric cut measurement depends upon the width of the bolster pillow. You have to keep at least 1-inch clearance on all sides to allow for stitching the fabric pieces to together.

  • Stitching the cut pieces together should be done with the fabric facing inside out so that the stitches are hidden internally.
  • The two ends of the main body fabric cut should be left last to stitch. Flip the stitched fabric keeping the right-side out, insert the homemade bolster pillow towel foam inside the cover and hand-stitch the opening closed. You can also insert a zipper here to make closing easy.
  • Cording can be used at the two circular ends to conceal the stitching and make the pillow look decorative. Trims or fancy ribbons are used for extra décor.

The DIY Bolster pillow is easy to craft home décor. The stuffing does not need to be purchased commercially. It can be homemade from old shabby towels as we have described it to you. You only need to invest cash to purchase a ravishing upholstery fabric for the bolster pillow cover. In case you want to cut still low, you can use home fabric scraps to make the pillowcase.

Henceforth, you can save precious paper money to craft Bolster Pillow from your fantasy. Make not only one but hundreds of pillows in a similar fashion at a low budget in no time. Log onto Provincial Fabric House for selecting a ravishing upholstery fabric for your dream pillow today!

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