Upholstery occupies a significant part of any Household and is the elite personality that either brightens or dampens the ambience of your rooms.

Upholstery fabric that adorns your furniture plays a vital role in uplifting the look of your furniture. You can play with it in various colours and patterns to get the fantasy alive in your house.

You can refresh your mundane home space by reupholstering your chairs, sofas, tables, and curtains with dramatic fabric patterns. Or bring brand new upholstery in trending designs. The choice is yours!

Mix and match upholstery fabric patterns to spruce the mood of your home chambers. Go through the brief listing of trendy and beautiful upholstery patterns below:

Floral Pattern

pink magnolia silk

Flowers have eternally been visualized as a symbol of love, warmth, and goodwill. The floral pattern in upholstery captures this very romantic essence.

It is the traditional sign of charm and feminine allure. Floral patterns can never go out of style.

They are available in a variety of floral designs. Flowers of all sizes and shapes, abstract flowers, impressionist flowers, metallic flowers with vibrant hues, and bejewelled flowers.

Large floral prints effortlessly accentuate a room in neutral colours. Moreover, mixing different small and large floral prints in the same background colour can amp the room’s atmosphere.

Florals are cognate to feminism, but floral prints in large bold motifs impart a modern art aura that is pleasant to men. You can readily absorb floral print into any themed décor; it can mix-match anywhere. It is the perfect refuge for an environment lover.

Striped Pattern

hibiscus pattern striped

Striped print delivers an elegant and classic feel to any upholstery it adorns. It is a timeless print décor that is widely used to lend a simple and chic look to a formal living room.

You can integrate them with ease into traditional as well as modern settings. Stripes usually come in two colours or, at the most, three shades.

They are elegant and eye-catching and can add fun to a modern interior. Stripes are not dull as they come in decorative variety: Skinny stripes, Bold Stripes, Horizontal Stripes, Vertical Stripes, Ticking Stripes, Pinstripes, Sailor stripes, Multicolor stripes and lots more.

Stripe-lovers have all the diversity that a simple design can offer. Add new dimensions to upholstery with this boho-chic pattern.

Geometric Pattern

Black and White Basket Weave - Cotton/Polyester

The geometric print is the simplest and minimalistic of all patterns. It is a collection of geometric shapes that generally recurs on the fabric to create a unified design. Striking conditions with cutting edges are characteristic of this pattern.

Rectangular, checkered, greek key type prints are popular in this section. The geometric pattern is the upcoming, current trend of the season.

It can be integrated into an art deco, rock a mid-century look, and enhance modern and retro interiors.

Geometric shapes in deep, dark and rich colours are sure to create statement pieces that will bewitch your esteemed guests. However, the geometric pattern cannot upholster a traditional furniture part. It will dampen the look of the piece, so you should use it wisely.

For those who are quirky and like to experiment with shapes, the geometric pattern provides the ultimate unique and bold platform to display their imagination.

Toile Pattern

Lutece Butter

Toile is a short name for the popular fabric “Toile de Jouy”. It is the pattern with the most distinctive look. Toile is a decorative pattern that depicts a typical French countryside scene in a repeated fashion on the same fabric in a white or off-white background.

It usually displays a fairly complex pastoral location or a regular arrangement of flowers on a branch or tree. It comprises the entire scene printed in a single colour on a cream-based background.

Nowadays, multi-coloured toile are also available that have expanded the décor look of this fabric print. Exotic Chinese Themes have replaced the countryside designs on toile.

When used on upholstery fabric in a room at too many places, these designs can visually crowd the room. So use this print sparingly to maintain its aura in any room.

You don’t need to oversaturate the room with the design to make it appealing. Toile patterns enliven any space, creating old-day charm and nostalgia. Sophistication with a contemporary outlook sets toile’s ambience.

Lately, Toile has been marketed in pleats and gives a new look to headboards. Play with Toile to add whimsy to simplicity.

Damask Pattern

Champagne - Velvet Damask

Damask fabric is a reversible fabric commonly made from silk, wool, cotton, and linen. The pattern has a dull look while the background is glossy in the display.

It is fabricated on a Jacquard loom using one warp yarn and one weft yarn: Satin/Sateen Weave. This form of weaving imparts softly highlighted fabric that reflects light at different angles. Damask pattern is commonly found in a monochromatic shade.

It imparts a glamorous high-end look that adds elegance and grace to any subtle and straightforward room. Choose your type of damask in matte and shimmering options.

Nature and geometry motifs populate the design print in the damask.

Decorating With Patterns

“Decorating is not a look, and it’s a point of view.”

Every individual has a variety of ideas. As discussed above, use your imagination at will and experiment with upholstery fabric in exotic, ornate patterns. Today, splurge in creativity and discover your dream upholstery in vibrant patterns at Provincial Fabric House!

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