Best Fabric for Scrunchies 

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror before a party and wondered whether something was missing? You have picked out a dress, the shoes are ready, makeup done, but you’re unsure how to tie the hair. For situations just like this, you can choose to use scrunchies as they help manage your locks without compromising on glamour. Plus, they are a better option for keeping your hair healthy and untangled.

Let’s look at the best fabrics for scrunchies to help you.  


Best Fabrics For Scrunchies

6 best fabrics for scrunchies

1. Spanish Linen Fabric

If you enjoy the warmth of a winter fire, Spanish Linen may be just what you’re looking for. Apart from its eye-catching colour, the lightweight texture makes it perfect for tying up your hair. 

It delivers a sophisticated look, and you can pair it with other tones or striking hair colours. Not to mention, it is durable and won’t wear out quickly even after regular use

2. English Chenille 

English Chenille is available in darker tones to provide a fitting contrast to lighter shades. The best among them is the wine-red colour with brown hues, while the soft texture makes it suitable for all hair types. 

However, it is heavier and thicker than other options, meaning you will have to carry more weight. But it promises to be a versatile option for your hair and fashion needs. 

3. Cotton 

One of the most popular materials on the market is cotton, and most people prefer scrunchies made from this material due to their luxurious feel. The soft, warm, and lustrous tones look good with any costume, while you can style your hair in several ways. 

The material’s versatility ensures that it’s available in various colours. Rest assured, you won’t go wrong with cotton scrunchies. 

4. Taffeta 

Next up, we have a slightly more extravagant option featuring embroidery on taffeta fabric. It looks super elegant, with the carefully sewn patterns standing out in any formal setting. We recommend opting for the classic white design for a regal appearance. 

Besides, taffeta is lightweight and won’t weigh you down, even with a neat hair bun. You can also get it in brighter colours and pair it with the dress of your choice, as the fabric works well with most outfits.

5. Velvet 

Another popular fabric option for scrunchies is velvet, primarily due to its luscious texture and design. As with most things made from this fabric, it can transform your entire outfit, thanks to its deep, pink shades. However a black Velvet scrunchies are all the time a classic.

The best part is that it is highly durable and doesn’t tear easily, while the ultra-soft and flexible fabric feels great against the skin. 

6. Polyester 

You might be surprised to see polyester on this list, but it is an excellent material for scrunchies. Made from a chemical reaction combining oxygen, water, and petrol, you can rest assured that it is durable. 

The fabric’s high strength ensures that it doesn’t wrinkle, thereby retaining its texture. What’s more, polyester doesn’t cost much and is available as stripes, embroidery, or in combination with cotton. 

Time To Make Your Scrunchie!

With that, it’s a wrap on the best fabrics for scrunchies; hopefully, you have all the information to purchase a suitable product. 

Hair type plays a crucial role in choosing a scrunchy because it might prove uncomfortable if the material is too light or heavy. So, make sure you take time before purchasing one to style your hair for any occasion. In addition, you can be more adventurous and make your one.


See you soon!