When it comes to buying luxurious fabric, velvet is the go-to choice for Australians. However, another type is made of cotton, called velveteen.

It is more like an imitation of velvet and is not as shiny or soft. But despite that, it is one of the most popular choices for designers to create aesthetically pleasing interiors. Since it is not as smooth as velvet, its rigid characteristics cause the fabric to lay flat, making it an ideal choice for upholstery applications. 

In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about this unique fabric. Furthermore, we’ll point out the differences between velvet and velveteen to make things even simpler. 

So, without any further delay, let’s get started! 

What is Velveteen?

Velveteen is a popular fabric manufactured using the pile effect of velvet. Even though it is smooth and soft in texture, it’s not as good as velvet. Also, it is less dense than velvet since it is primarily made of cotton and not silk, and because of this, it is not that shiny.

It is a valuable fabric for clothing and upholstery applications, sold widely in craft shops for its use in various crafts.

Differences Between Velvet And Velveteen

Undoubtedly, velveteen has become a popular choice among clothing manufacturers over the years as it delivers a sense of elegance at a much affordable price. As such, it is essential to understand how it differs from velvet.

Firstly, the velvet fabric has a lot of history attached to it. It was widely used in several royal cultures. Even today, it is a top choice because of its high-quality fabric and supple feel. Many people buy it as a symbol of status and luxury because of its significance in history and association with wealth. 

Now, as far as velveteen is concerned, it takes a more modern and practical approach and doesn’t revolve around luxury and status. Yet, the significant difference between velvet and velveteen is only the composition of the fabric. While velvet is made of silk, which gives it a smooth feel, velveteen is primarily made of cotton, denser than the former. 

Other than that, the weaving process is the same, which gives both of them a similar look. Most people won’t even tell the difference just by looking.

What Are The Benefits Of Velveteen?

In this section, we have explained some of the benefits that you can derive from using velveteen.

1. Washable

First and foremost, unlike velvet, velveteen is washable. You can either use a washing machine or get it dry cleaned. On the other hand, washing velvet in a washing machine is not possible since doing so damages the fabric. 

2. Long-lasting

Another significant benefit of velveteen is that it is long-lasting compared to other fabrics on the market. It is highly durable and much easier to maintain and preserve, making it popular among Australian homeowners. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry much even if it gets damaged because it is usually less expensive.

3. Pliable

Even though velveteen is primarily made of cotton, it features a little bit of silk, which gives it some flexibility. It is an excellent choice for clothing requiring only a modest stretch.

4. Affordable

Last but not least, velveteen is more affordable than velvet as it primarily features cotton instead of silk. It is widely used to create elegant yet budget-friendly clothing.

Understanding Velveteen Fabric

That brings us to the end of this article. We hope it helped you gain some valuable insights into velveteen.

Overall, it is safe to say that velveteen is an exceptional and unique fabric. Its elegance and durability make it a perfect choice for different types of clothing and upholstery applications. Plus, velveteen is an excellent alternative for those who can’t afford velvet because of its high price point. 

If you have any further queries, kindly drop them in the comment section below. We’ll see you next time, take care!