But, before you decide to go for a suede product, it is best to learn a little more about the fabric. You’ll have a better chance of making a well-informed purchase decision while buying any suede product. And that’s why we’re here to help you. 

This article will talk about everything suede and cover all the necessary topics, from its origin to its benefits. So, without any more dilly-dallying, let’s get on with it! 

What Is Suede Fabric? 

Suede is essentially a form of high-quality leather made from animal skin, specifically the underside of the skin. The fabric has a soft surface texture, making it ideal for upholstery, clothing, curtains, and dressings.

Usually, lambskin is the first choice for manufacturing suede, but pigs, goats, deer, and calves can also be good for making the fabric. In addition, suede is much softer and thinner than traditional, full-grain leather. 

How Is Suede Made? 

Any animal hide can be used to make suede. The top and lower sides of the skin are separated, making the suede fabric more comfortable and lightweight than traditional leather. Thus, suede is split leather as compared to full-grain leather. 

The texture of the fabric is softer since it comes from the hide of younger animals. However, the fabric is usually tougher when the hide belongs to older animals or mammals like deers or cows. 

What Is Suede Fabric Used For?

Brown Suede Couch

Suede is a popular choice for upholstery and furnishings. The smooth nap of the fabric makes it the perfect material for any design.

On top of this, fashion designers prefer using suede to traditional leather to make handbags, belts or gloves, given that its unique texture and appearance fit the bill perfectly. 

What’s more, the suede fabric material is perfect for fringe jackets and coats. A suede jacket or coat is a must-have fashion staple for any fashion enthusiast because the gorgeous texture and durability of the fabric make it ideal for outwear clothing.

Advantages Of Using Suede

Suede has some clear advantages over cloth fabrics. It is much more durable and tough than cotton or linen, while it lasts longer than any other cloth fabric as it is a form of leather. 

Suede fabric also has a smooth and appealing texture. It is much more pliable and thin than traditional leather. So, you can easily mould it into a custom design of your choice.

Disadvantages Of Using Suede

Even though suede is thinner than traditional leather, it is also its greatest weakness. Suede can get damaged more quickly than standard leather. 

The nap of the suede fabric also attracts dirt and dust quite easily, affecting its smooth texture and appearance. 

Using Suede On Your DIY Projects

Overall, suede is a highly versatile fabric offering many advantages. 

And after going through our article, we hope you know a lot more about your favourite suede fabric. So, what are you waiting for? Go on a shopping spree and add some suede to your fabric collection

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