When it comes to buying linen there are a number of things that are important. These include things like colour, length, durability and more. One of the most important things to include is a quality. After all, Theres no point buying fabric of poor quality then just having to replace months later. Additionally, when it comes to the quality assurance of Linen there is an organisation which is in charge or regulating fabric.

Masters of Linen

The Masters of Linen are an agriculture-industry organisation that regulate the makers of linen. Similarly to how the best of the best restaurants have a hat system, the best European mills are regulated by this form of quality assurance. The mark means;

  •  The quality linen is 100% made in Europe, it has provenance, a place and a source of origin.
  • The linen is produced with exceptional, age-old European skill and knowledge.
  • Linen is made by companies with corporate social responsibility.
  • The linen is made with a low carbon footprint.
Quality Assurance When Buying Linen, Quantity  Assurance When Buying Linen
Masters Of Linen Logo

If you see this mark on any fabrics you can be assured that this fabric is regulated by The Masters of Linen. At Fabric House all of our Belgian Linens are certified by The Masters of Linen to ensure our of our products are regulated and so we can be sure we are providing the best linen we can! 

Why do Linens need to be regulated? 

Linen can be made all over the world, however as linen is made from a plant ensuring the plant is in the right climate and looked after all the way from the fields to your hands is why it needs to be regulated. Additionally, Belgian has the best climate for the flax plant and from there the mills place a number of processes in place to ensure nothing except the highest quality. 

Can you tell the difference between regulated linen and other linen?

Yes! There are a number of reasons on why you should select regulated linen over others. There is nothing wrong with other linens however if you want to best quality Belgian linen is the way to go. 

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