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  • Stitching Twine – European Flax/Linen Waxed

    Stitching Twine – European Flax/Linen Waxed is mainly used when doing traditional upholstery such as, stitching horse hair edges and stitching springs. It can also be used for button twine. The flax used to create this twine has been grown in Europe where conditions are optimal. This helps to grow long, strong flax fibres. As a result of this, it ensures that the twine has a high breakage point. This makes it perfect for pulling and stitching as required in traditional upholstery. Additionally, this twine is durable and very strong. Finally, If you need assistance when it comes to ordering this stitching twine, please contact us to answer any questions you may have.
    Sold by the BALL not by the METER.
    Each ball is 250 gms @ $45.50 Each inc. GST.
    $45.50 / Unit
    $45.50 / Unit