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  • Blanc Snow Sheer – Belgian Linen

    Blanc Snow Sheer – Belgian Linen is the perfect sheer to create some vogue style curtains with European quality. Use this chic white to create a style and sense of texture in your interior and decor. Due to the being a crisp white, this fabric can accompany any style to modernise and open a space. This European neutral weave is uncompromising in quality, adding elegance with cool its beautiful colour. Additionally, being a white, this fabric can go with anything, anywhere. As a result of the parted weave and width of 300cm this fabric is ideally suited for curtains and blinds. Additionally this linen is a part of our stunning Belgian Linen Collection. Additionally, this stunning fabric is certified by the Masters Of Linen, If you wish to know more about why this is important read our blog post ‘Quality Assurance when buying Linen‘ for more information

    This fabric is available on 4 rolls.

    Width: 300cm
    Suitability: Curtains, Blinds
    Pattern: Plain Sheer
    Colour: White
    Material: Belgian Linen

    $120.00 /MTR
    $120.00 /MTR