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  • Limelight Pearl Velvet

    Firstly designed by Catherine Martin this Limelight Pearl Velvet – Geometric in pattern and medium pile velvet is a shimmering optical white in a deep and luscious beige base. With a medium pile, This velvet glides through your fingers like liquid. In addition, a beautiful optical white contrast with a soft Beige that runs along the geometrical of the raised velvet. As a result this royal velvet brings the elegance, luxurious and boldness to the party as well as the uncompromising quality of a Italian velvet. However think sofas, chairs, bedheads, cushions. In conclusion introduce this luxurious velvet into your home or project. Feel free to browse more of the Velvets that we have available online

    Note: As you are probably aware, velvets are affected by many characteristics. Due to this, we have included images ofLimelight Pearl Velvet that try to capture the velvet in different lights and angles in order for you to be able to visualise the fabric to the best of your ability. If you have any questions about Limelight Pearl Velvet, or any other fabrics from our website, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we have an amazing team that is happy to help.

    This fabric is available on 3 rolls 35.7 meters, 7 meters and 26.3 meters

    Width: 140
    Suitability: Upholstery, Soft Furnishings
    Pattern: Geometric
    Colour: White and Beige
    Material: Velvet

    $92.00 /MTR
    $92.00 /MTR
  • FH191 Inca – Medium Weave Cotton/Poly

    A medium weave cotton poly reminiscent of the rich and colourful Peru, FH191 Inca is the fabric for you. This blended material features geometric stripes of rich red, blue sky, sand and navy blue. Consequently a perfect material for any eclectic interiors or to become a bold centrepiece. Due to the light and dark colours it holds a versatile nature. Making it perfect for a cosy winter look, or a cooler summer theme. Because of its’s thick weave, this material is perfectly suited to upholstery, soft furnishings, curtains and wall paneling.

    Available on 1 roll.

    Width: 140cm
     Upholstery, Soft Furnishings, Curtains and Blinds.
    Pattern: Geometric Stripes.
    Colour: Navy, Blue, Red, Maroon, Sand
    Material: Medium Weave Cotton Poly Blend.
    $66.00 $46.20 /MTR
    $66.00 $46.20 /MTR
  • Espresso – Cotton

    Espresso cotton in simple colours with a striking design for a sharp impact. Espresso – Cotton is a combination of black and beige stripes with fine checks in the background. Therefore the stripes are thick enough to break up the checks and be a feature on their own. But not too thick to take away from the checks. A truly elegant piece with a gentle sheen  and watermark finish.

    This fabric is available on 1 roll.

    $32.00 /MTR
    $32.00 /MTR