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  • Sichuan Pink Toile

    Sichuan Pink Toile is a blend of linen/cotton fabric. This classic toile is truly beautiful. With a beige cotton base and Asian prints in various tones of Pink. That reminds how life was like decades ago, in the Shaolin period of China. Above all a chic and complimentary linen/cotton fabric. This Toile can add refined elegance to your home seamlessly, the only thing stopping you is your imagination. Pair Sichuan Pink Toile- French Linen Cotton with stunning whites, beiges, or even other shades of pink. Think of bedheads, bedroom chair cushions, lamp shades, curtains, blinds and the list goes on.

    This fabric is available on one roll.

    Width: 180cm
    Suitability: Upholstery, Curtains, Soft Furnishings, Cushions and Bed Heads.
    Pattern: Chinese Toile
    Colour: White, pink and beige
    Material: Linen/cotton

    $66.00 /MTR
    $66.00 /MTR
  • Garden Bed Cotton

    Garden Bed is a floral Upholstery Fabric with a polished cotton print. The polished finish gives it a delicate sheen in the light. The ivory background gives a soft base for the floral pieces. A fresh floral that has a true garden feel about it. Warm and fresh, this is a perfect addition to your home. With three large bundles of flowers in a generous row of three, this fabric is ideal for cushions sets, and would look stunning with a white or lively green backing. This floral Upholstery Fabric is also ideal for curtains, soft furnishings or a stunning bedroom chair.

    This fabric is available on 1 roll.

    Width: 140cm
    Suitability: Upholstery, Curtains, Soft Furnishings, Cushions and Bed Heads.
    Pattern: Floral
    Colour: Ivory, red, orange, blue, white, purple, pink
    Material: Polished cotton

    $45.00 /MTR
    $45.00 /MTR
  • Apple Green Pinstripe – Cotton

    With the sweet scent of summer, Apple Green Pinstripe Cotton brings a crisp, cooling peninsula breeze. This bright and cool green fabric is refreshing and clean, and invites a lighter atmosphere and space. Bold green stripes with thin light-brown pinstripes flanked by white create an interesting and nearly seaside tone. Imagine the refreshing taste of a sweet green apple, and you’ve got the style of this Apple Green Pinstripe Cotton. This stunning 100% cotton fabric is ideal for Curtains, Soft Furnishings and Upholstery.

    This fabric is available on  rolls of 29m, 37m, 37.75m, 56m, 24m and 36.5m.

    Width: 140
    Suitability: Curtains, Soft Furnishings, Blinds, Bed Heads and Upholstery
    Pattern: Stripe
    Colour: Green, White, Brown
    Material: Cotton

    $32.00 /MTR
    $32.00 /MTR
  • White – Spanish Cotton/Linen

    This White Spanish Linen/Cotton brings crisp elegance with a medium-weight weave. Due to the extended width of this fabric, being 280cm wide, this white Spanish linen cotton will suit to bigger projects such as curtains, blinds or even as a statement bed spread. In addition, with its elegant white, you’ll find this a versatile fabric, easy to pair with all tones, neutrals or colours, use to brighten or open up a room. Furthermore this white Spanish linen/cotton is well suited to Upholstery and Soft Furnishings.

    This fabric is available on 1 roll.

    Width: 280cm
    Suitability: Curtains, Bed spreads, Blinds, Upholstery and Soft Furnishings
    Pattern: Plain
    Colour: White
    Material: Linen/Cotton

    $88.00 /MTR
    $88.00 /MTR
  • Neutral Linen – 100% Belgian Linen

    Neutral Linen is a Belgian Fabric that has naturally a soft tone with strong textual properties, creating an exquisite montage of modern material. Due to the subtle warm tinge within the colour, brought from the gentle properties of textural linen, the overall tone of this fabric is as soft as a neutral should be. In addition the raised texture of the grain creates a robust touch and a vogue fabric. Furthermore as part of the Belgian Linens collection, there is a guarantee in quality. As a result this rustic fabric maintains a strong textural integrity. Making it suitable for upholstery, soft furnishings, curtains and blinds.

    Available on 2 rolls of 20.9 metres and 40.2 metres.

    Width: 152cm
     Upholstery, Soft Furnishings, Curtains and Blinds.
    Pattern: Plain
    Colour: Neutral / Beige
    Material: 100% 
    Belgian linen

    $66.00 /MTR
    $66.00 /MTR
  • Black – Velvet | Rio Collection

    There is nothing like a stunning Black Velvet. A minimal sheen introduces this velvet subtly, an effect created from its unique short pile. But whilst short, the pile still betrays the nap characteristic of a velvet; showing the matte and the sheen. Most importantly, Black glides through the fingers like a beautiful black dress, as a result from its ultra soft Poly Velvet, there is a guarantee of quality and long durability. Furthermore whilst not as thick as most velvets, rest assured Black brings to the table a flexible, ultra soft fabric. Rich and vogue Black will entice an elegance into its environment. Suitable for Upholstery, Soft Furnishings, Heavy Duty Upholstery, Curtains, Wall panelling

    This fabric is available on 3 rolls of 59.7 metres, 12.2 metres and 36.4 metres.

    Width: 145cm
    Suitability: Upholstery, Soft Furnishings, Heavy Duty Upholstery, Curtains, Wall panelling.
    Pattern: Plain
    Colour: Black
    Material: Polyester Velvet

    $54.00 /MTR
    $54.00 /MTR