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  • Grosille – French Chenille

    Grosille – French Chenille is a luxurious soft-finish medium weight French fabric. As a result of being a part of our Chenille collection, Grosille is a robust fabric with a beautifully soft pile and a subtle corrugated texture, almost like a velvet to touch. Additionally, it catches the light with a beautiful sheen and the rich Cherry will give a pop of colour in any room. As a result of this, this fabric is surprisingly versatile. Pairing this fabric beautifully with florals, a tropical palette, or a neutral colour scheme. Furthermore, its predominantly cotton composition with a small percentage of man made fibre. This makes this fabric perfectly suitable for upholstery and soft furnishings.

    This fabric is available on 1 roll.

    Width: 140cm
    Suitability: Upholstery, Soft Furnishings, Curtains and Blinds.
    Pattern: Plain
    Colour: Cherry
    Material: Cotton Chenille

    $66.00 /MTR
    $66.00 /MTR
  • Sable – French Cotton Chenille

    Sable is a luxurious Beige Chenille Fabric with a stunning soft-finish medium weight and cotton blend. As part of our chenille collection, there is a quality and texture competitive to that of a velvet. As a result of the beautiful soft pile and subtle corrugated texture, Sable catches the light with a beautiful sheen. Furthermore this Beige Chenille Fabric will fit effortlessly in any room, bringing a depth and interest achieved through this unique texture an elegance of characteristic of beige. It is predominantly cotton with a small percentage of man made fibre which will in addition make it perfectly suited to a number of uses. Sable – French Cotton Chenille is perfect for upholstery and soft furnishings but also brings a strong texture and quality.

    It is available on one roll.

    Width: 140cm
    Suitability: Upholstery, Soft Furnishings
    Pattern: Plain
    Colour: Beige
    Material: Cotton Chenille Fabric Blend

    $66.00 /MTR
    $66.00 /MTR