Horsehair vs. foam? If you are looking to restore your furniture but you are not sure which upholstery is the best, read our guide to find out!

The question bothers some who traditionally restore their heirloom furniture rather than adopt the disposable culture.

But it might be a bit confusing for those who may be looking to do this for the first time. Here are our upholstery tips of the trade and insider information:

At Provincial Upholstery (sister business to Provincial Fabric House), the decision is based on the piece’s quality, the desire to retain authenticity and value and, of course, the client’s budget.

We can look at it a bit like the difference between working on a Toyota Corolla or a Bentley. The horsehair takes three times as long to work compared to foam. However, it enables the upholsterer to achieve more curves, edges and right angles.

Horse Hair

If you have a lovely old piece with a beautiful frame, when it comes time to re-upholster, we recommend using horsehair for durability and faithful to the piece. Your chair will never lose its value if upholstered this way.

Overall, it is ultimately your choice how you choose to upholster your piece. You can always speak to a professional for further advice.

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