2020 has been a year of ruined plans, whether it be travel, weddings, family events, birthday parties and more but it doesn’t have to ruin your style! Here are some of the best ways to incorporate colour into a predominately white space to give it a splash of character! 

Here we have some of the best in trend colours to use within any space, whether it be bedroom, bathroom, office, or even living room. 

One of the best things about white is it never goes out of fashion, and the best thing about incorporating colour into a space its ability to give some liveliness to any room. An added bonus is you can change your feature colour whenever you want! Heres some ideas that we love.. 


Im not sure about you, but I for one love a green moment! Green is bold, calming, elegant and everything in-between. The best thing about greens are that different shades of green can work together quite elegantly. Gone are the days where you have to colour match! 


Rich, romantic red. Sometimes red can be a little harder to incorporate into a space, However red is some of the most aesthetically pleasing colours to bring into your home. With these ideas there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider this colour! 


Bold, Beautiful Blue! (am I right?) Blue is one of those colours that you can use so many different to use blue.. Calming pastels? Blue florals? Navy throws? Blue has got you covered. Being scattered throughout a space or being used as a standout feature, blue has the ability to truely transform a space and as an added bonus, I’m not sure any colour goes quiet as well with white as blue does! 


Yellow, a personal favourite. Typically this colour gets a bad rep, however like most things, if done right this can truely change the room you’re decorating, I know what you’re probably thinking… There’s nothing that you can say or do to persuade me to re-decorate my room with yellow features. Hear me out… Summer afternoon, you’ve got your family over after not seeing them for a while, everyones smiling, laughing and possibly sharing a cheeky drink (if you’re anything like my family) and the afternoon light captures the yellow features within your space… just think about it! 


Coming up next we’ve got orange, which can be used in a variety of heart warming ways. Bold, yet soothing. Calm but rich. Transforming and original. Theres no way you colorant be proud of a space looking like these. These rooms scream elegance and class with a side of fun and character. 

There’s so many ways to incorporate colour into any space. Trust me, you won’t regret it! 

We love a good inspo/decor moment here at fabric house, If you want some more ideas  be sure to follow our Blog or even check out our Instagram or Pinterest. If you want some advice on how to make your ideas come to life, feel free to give our friendly team a call, we are happy to help in any way we can! 

Photos: Pinterest. 

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